The President manages the board and makes sure the organization keeps to its goals and plans. The President is also the UWIP representative to the UCSD Physics Department.

Akanksha Saha

Akanksha Saha is a third year physics student.


Vice President

The Vice President is next in line for the throne, the Leo McGarry (because Hoynes was useless) to the President’s Bartlett, in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly.

Nina Shirman

Nina Shirman is a fourth year astrophysics major. She is currently doing research in stellar astrophysics, studying stars at the end of their lives. After she graduates, she plans to pursue her interests in both industry and grad school. She enjoys reading, writing, playing piano, skiing, and watching Netflix. She also loves cats and the outdoors and is impartial to apple cider, though she does enjoy it on occasion.



The Secretary keeps record of attending members at events, and assists with planning events and maintaining the organization of the organization.

Mystery Person

As of yet, no one knows who emails out the meeting notes. To their credit, they’re quite punctual.



The treasurer is in charge of administering the club’s  general operating funds.

Darren Nguyen

He is a 3rd year computational physics major. When he is not studying for physics, he can usually be found attempting to fix his broken Debian installs. He plans to attend graduate school to continue studying physics. Contact him at


Public Relations

Our liaison with other organizations, departments, and other collaborators.

Kelly Garcia

Kelly (preferably Kell) is an aspiring computational physicist. She currently does research in plasma and fusion physics involving turbulence. Kell is a fourth year undergrad majoring in physics and minoring in math. She hails from LA, has a voice that exceeds normal vocal decibel levels, loves a good book before bedtime, and is composed of ~72% black tea.


Web Designer & Social Media Manager

In charge of tending to the website, keeping it updated and relevant.

Rashida Doctor

Rashida Doctor is a fourth year geophysics major. She is currently doing research in paleomagnetism and electromagnetic sensing methods. She enjoys reading, watching politically-geared TV shows, solving puzzles, and cracking (self-proclaimed) great jokes. Contact Rashida at with questions/comments about the website or extremely cheesy physics jokes.


These members of the board are the jacks of all trades.

Rebekah Faulstick

Rebekah Faulstick is a fourth year Physics major. She is also working on a minor in dance. Her hobbies include having bingeathons with her friends, planing various sixth college events, helping to lead sixth to golden shoe victory, and hanging out with her family.

Niana Mohommad

She is a third year physics with a specialization in Astro student. She enjoys scaring people, watching ‘good’ movies, reading, not procrastinating, and much more. She just wants to survive through her murderous physics classes and have a future in teaching/research.

Rachel Choe

She is a fourth year physics w/ computational major.

  Daniel Levinstein

Danny Levinstein is a second year astrophysics student. He can often be seen zooming around campus on his electric skateboard, zipping past unsuspecting students. He plans on pursuing a flight to Mars, an interest sparked by a childhood love of the solar system. Contact him by mentioning anything related to Star Wars or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Mike Krief

He is a fourth year physics student.

  Ashley Warner 

Ashley Warner is a physics major who is stuck doing one of the Triple S’s (studying, sleeping, or snowboarding). Frequently referred to as “Miss Physics” amongst non-physicist peers, she researches quantum behaviors in periodic materials and also works for YouTube’s Physics Girl. Contact her through the UWiP email, or for a faster response, at about any questions, particularly if you are not sure about which member to contact!

UWiP Alumni

Skye Yang (Public Relations)

Gretal Mercado (Secretary)