Triton Day


Triton Day is a day for admitted students and their families to explore the UC San Diego campus, undergraduate colleges, academic departments, student services, student organizations and endless resources. On this day, UWIP put on demos for visiting students and parents. Demos included newton’s cradle,  3D magnetic viewer, some ferrofluid on display and more! We also had a hands-on demonstration for centripetal motion which kids were swinging around and distribution of weight as people stood on wine glasses. We also had a poster describing famous females in science and their work. Overall, a very fun day!

KP Conference Volunteer


On February 3, 2014 UWIP members Ayat Amin and Melisa Tallis volunteered at KPCORE’s High School Outreach program for Filipino students, where they presented physics demonstrations. Some demos that students interacted with include the ballistic pendulum, the solenoid, the pig and mirror optical illusion, the prism, and the magnet with iron filings. The high schools students were very enthusiastic about the demos and followed up with plenty of questions on the physics concepts.