Fall 2018 Halloween Party

There’s no better way to spend the spookiest of seasons – the ides of midterms – than with friends and sugar. Between fatal games of mafia and the shouting of Head’s Up, we found time to de-stress and throw balloons at people (the latter of which may have contributed to the former). Also, it was Halloween, so decorations were easy to come by.

Fall 2017 Ice Cream Social

There’s no sweeter start to a school year than an ice cream social. We got to hang out with lots of different people within the physics department on a (predictably) sunny San Diego afternoon.

UWIP Winter 2017 Graduate Panel

On the 21st of Feb, UWIP invited a couple of the graduate students in the physics department to come over and discuss the process of applying to graduate school and what graduate school life is like. Besides feeding themselves with as much pizza as possible, many attendees had their questions answered about studying physics in grad school or just grad life in general.   For example, the graduate students answered question on how to choose the right research group and the cohorts that you actually click with, and whether getting into higher ranked institution is a good thing. They also answered questions on the physics GRE and how that contributes to the application for grad school.  Also, they gave out tips on how to get a recommendation letter, or the preparation an applicant need to make in the undergraduate years.

Overall, the graduate panel was a success!


MWIP Winter 2017 Scavenger Hunt

On Thursday 16 Feb 2017, MWIP and UWIP hosted a meet up between the graduate mentors and undergraduate mentees. There were tacos offered and participants were having a good time chatting and catching up. Later on, mentors grouped up with mentees and there was a photo scavenger hunt around the campus. The scavenger hunt included places like the red chair in Revelle, the sun god statue, the anchor in Revelle and so on. It was a lot of running around because there was a time limit, but it was really fun and it was a very good chance for the mentees to bond with the mentors. In the end, the winner and the runner up received a gift card to Perks coffee shop each.

The event was really successful and all the participants had a good time hanging out.


UWIP 2016 Fall IAI Career Event

On November 7th 2016, we invited the IAI founder and board of director member Ken Abeloe to come and give a talk about interview tips, types of careers post graduation, and when/how to apply to companies such as IAI. There was an informal lunch and networking after the presentation. Students not only had the opportunity to talk to Ken Abeloe himself, but also Christina Halkias who answered questions regarding internships, jobs and resume building to prepare for a career in IAI.