Upcoming Events

One of our virtual coffee and tea events!

Week 2:

  • Spring GBM
    • Come to our General Body Meetings to get more involved and voice your opinions on events and the club
    • Date: Monday, April 5
      Time: 4pm PST

Week 3:

  • Coffee and Tea I
    • Come chat in rotating breakout rooms with two UCSD physics professors: Professors Manohar and Coil
    • Date: Thursday, April 15
      Time: 1-2:30pm PST

Week 4:

  • Coffee and Tea II
    • New professors to talk to! Chat with Professors Meyerthon and Simmons!
    • Date: Tuesday, April 20
      Time: 1-2:30pm PST

Week 5:

  • UWIP Alumni Panel
    • Learn more about what UCSD physics graduates have done after graduation
    • Date: Thursday, April 29
      Time: 1-2:30pm PST

Week 6:

  • Spring GBM 2
    • Come for Board member announcements, stay for game night!
    • Date: Monday, May 5
      Time: 4pm PST

Week 8:

  • MIIP Identity Mixer
    • Come chat with other current physics majors and get to know more people!
    • Date: Tuesday, May 18
      Time: 1-2pm PST