Space Day at the San Diego Air and Space Museum

The Air and Space Museum put on physics demonstrations for the San Diego community. Local astronaut Woody Spring was present, and answered questions from the community about becoming an astronaut and what being in space is like. UWIP attended with the UCSD Physics Department. To help students understand scale, we created a Galaxy Garden where UWIP’s own Melissa Tallis and Ayat Amin were Galaxy Gardeners. Fellow UCSD students were magnifying the power of the sun to melt pennies, while indoors they where teaching everyone about rockets and pressure. Overall, a very fun event.

KP Conference Volunteer


On February 3, 2014 UWIP members Ayat Amin and Melisa Tallis volunteered at KPCORE’s High School Outreach program for Filipino students, where they presented physics demonstrations. Some demos that students interacted with include the ballistic pendulum, the solenoid, the pig and mirror optical illusion, the prism, and the magnet with iron filings. The high schools students were very enthusiastic about the demos and followed up with plenty of questions on the physics concepts.