Spring 2018 Triton Day!

We went out to greet the incoming year of Tritons and meet some of the future physics majors (and convert some to the dark side with our cool demos).


UWiP Winter 2018- Grad Mixer and Tea with a Professor

These two event provided UWiP members to get a chance to interact with grad students and professor in a casual settings. We had lots of fun meeting new people, hearing about the view from the front of the lecture hall, and eating food!

Fall 2017 Ice Cream Social

There’s no sweeter start to a school year than an ice cream social. We got to hang out with lots of different people within the physics department on a (predictably) sunny San Diego afternoon.

UWIP Winter 2018- Ice Skating!

At the height of the quarter, its ‘ice to zone out and trade in catching up on homework for catching up with friends. We spent a great evening sliding and chilling (and often sitting) on the ice.

UWIP Winter 2017 Graduate Panel

On the 21st of Feb, UWIP invited a couple of the graduate students in the physics department to come over and discuss the process of applying to graduate school and what graduate school life is like. Besides feeding themselves with as much pizza as possible, many attendees had their questions answered about studying physics in grad school or just grad life in general.   For example, the graduate students answered question on how to choose the right research group and the cohorts that you actually click with, and whether getting into higher ranked institution is a good thing. They also answered questions on the physics GRE and how that contributes to the application for grad school.  Also, they gave out tips on how to get a recommendation letter, or the preparation an applicant need to make in the undergraduate years.

Overall, the graduate panel was a success!


MWIP Winter 2017 Scavenger Hunt

On Thursday 16 Feb 2017, MWIP and UWIP hosted a meet up between the graduate mentors and undergraduate mentees. There were tacos offered and participants were having a good time chatting and catching up. Later on, mentors grouped up with mentees and there was a photo scavenger hunt around the campus. The scavenger hunt included places like the red chair in Revelle, the sun god statue, the anchor in Revelle and so on. It was a lot of running around because there was a time limit, but it was really fun and it was a very good chance for the mentees to bond with the mentors. In the end, the winner and the runner up received a gift card to Perks coffee shop each.

The event was really successful and all the participants had a good time hanging out.


UWIP 2016 Fall Road Trip/Stargaze in Julian

On Nov 12th, a Saturday, UWIP hosted a road trip to Julian, a small town know for its pies. Participants camped there and enjoyed the beautiful night sky, meanwhile enjoying the food and bonding.

MWIP 2016 Fall GBM

On November 3rd 2016, undergrad mentees and graduate mentors met up and hang out. Everyone played bingo and had a great time mixing.

UWIP 2016 Fall IAI Career Event

On November 7th 2016, we invited the IAI founder and board of director member Ken Abeloe to come and give a talk about interview tips, types of careers post graduation, and when/how to apply to companies such as IAI. There was an informal lunch and networking after the presentation. Students not only had the opportunity to talk to Ken Abeloe himself, but also Christina Halkias who answered questions regarding internships, jobs and resume building to prepare for a career in IAI.

UWIP Spring Quarter Events

Hi everyone,

UWIP have some exciting events for you all this quarter! Check them out!!!

Mentorship Program with GWIP 

Thursday, April 28th, 5:30-7:00pm, Mayer Hall 4322

We will be holding our quarterly mentor-mentee meetup, so come prepared to meet your mentor. If you do not already have a mentor, and would be interested in receiving a graduate student mentor to guide you through your undergraduate years in physics, you may still attend. There will be a short form for you to fill out at the event.

Talk by Professor Kim Griest

Monday, May 2nd, 4-5pm, Mayer Hall 4322

Are you interested in what our universe is made of? Are you interested in theoretical or observational astrophysics, or cosmological phenomena such as black holes? Then come along and meet Professor Kim Griest.

Professor Griest is primarily interested in dark matter and dark energy, but has also tackled on other issues in theoretical and observational astrophysics, such as using gravitational lensing to search for dim or invisible objects, and characterizing the early universe.

Python Workshop with Women in Computing (WIC)

Tuesday, May 3rd, Location TBD

We will be holding a joint workshop with the UCSD Women in Computing where you can either learn to program in python or hone your python skills. If you are interested in attending, please fill out this form:


Keep on the lookout for more details on these events!

Composed by Gretel Mercado
Published by Yijun Fang
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